“History in Diamondback Territory”

Maddy Guerra, Editor


Sharyland and Pioneer met again on the volleyball court Saturday morning, September 27th. The game ended in a nail-biter with the first two sets won by Sharyland and the last three taken by Pioneer. The last match, a game up to only 15, had a final score of 16-14 Pioneer barely taking the win.

The student section was very present in the tight game, both sides going back and forth sticking by their teams. Junior, Bianca Garza said the student section pulled the Lady Diamondbacks up to help them come out with the win. Throughout the game you could hear both sides chanting “Go Diamondbacks” and “Go Rattlers.”

At the end of the game the Lady Diamondbacks and Rattlers gathered in a circle and prayed together, remembering that we all have the same roots and are staying as a family, even through the competition that we give each other.