Rough Start

Crystal Solis, Author

Some people don’t like change and sometimes consider it a bad thing. The students of Sharyland High School and Pioneer High School are experiencing a huge change with the split of their schools.

The students of Pioneer High School all walked through the halls not knowing where to go and what teachers they will be having. The environment is different and definitely will take some getting used to. The students are adjusting and trying to get familiar with every building, classroom, and teacher.

The split of the high school will definitely create new possibilities for every student when dealing with sports, clubs, and even influence them academically.

“I’m really eager to know my class ranking now that our schools have been split” said Joelle Villalon, Junior. Every grade level has been split at the most half which will change rankings and will effect┬ánow that some competition from their classmates has decreased.

The buildings of Pioneer High School have not been finished, so the students have not yet seen the whole campus. There are going to be some future improvements to make the school better, like the future science labs.

“Being at Pioneer has been great so far, I am enjoying it and can’t wait for the new things to come” said Madelyn Guerra, Junior.

The split between both schools has been tough and the students may take some time to adjust. It will create a whole new set of memories, traditions, and new opportunities for the future.