The Man for the Job


Mr. Heath, as the first principal of Pioneer, has become the back-bone of the school and has led us through many firsts for our school. Walking through the school you can see the dedication he has to making this school better for us.

Mr. Heath has high expectations this year in starting new traditions, such as the first ever burning of the’P’, and becoming the best we can be in sports and academics. “The school is beautiful, I love it, it has great features,” Mr. Heath said, he acknowledges the mistakes that are present in the new school but is dedicated to fix them.

Mr. Heath has been looking forward to being principal, it has been his goal for some time and just started his 31st year in the teaching department and 11th in the Sharyland district. “I felt like I was the man for the job,” Mr. Heath goes on to say “it’s a once in a lifetime change to open up a new high school.” Mr. Heath’s dedication to making our school the best it can be has made a difference in our school and how smoothly the first few weeks of school have gone by.