Pioneer High School is Now Open!

The ceremonial ribbon marking the opening of Sharyland's newest school has been cut.

Philip Escamilla, Staff Writer

       For years, the opening of a new store, restaurant, school, and many other places has been marked by the ceremonial cutting of a ribbon. This past Monday, September 22, 2014, Sharyland Pioneer High School’s ribbon got cut. Teachers, administrators, the Sharyland ISD school board, even state representatives, and many other members of the community popped in to witness the making of history. It was a grand ol’  ceremony, where Pioneer’s new fight song and Alma Mater were played, followed by speeches from various members of the Sharyland community and beyond. It was indeed a special day, as finally reality set in, Pioneer High School is real. It had been years in the making, putting up the large campus, planning, securing funds, all the hard work that goes into making something great had been done. This school was once a dream in the back of people’s minds, but no longer. Certainly here at Pioneer we’ve made history, and this monumental event that happened only two days ago will surely be remembered for generations to come. Even now, there’s a buzz of excitement around the school from adults and students alike. “I think that the new school is awesome! Seeing that the ribbon’s been cut just makes everything seem like it’s finally real. I’m a student of Pioneer High now,” said Junior student Crystal Solis when asked how she felt about the ceremony. Simply driving around town, Pioneer bumper stickers and other pieces of merchandise are starting to be seen, meaning that word of the school has already gotten out, “I think as the year goes on the Pioneer logo will become just as recognizable as the Sharyland one,” this coming from Junior Maddy Guerra. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Pioneer High School is here, it’s now, and it’s real. Welcome to history in the making! ‘Pioneer High School: Est. 2014’