Pioneer Cheer advances to Regionals!

This year our Sharyland Pioneer Cheerleaders have competed in multiple competitions all around the nation. After practicing for days on end, their first event in the state was quickly approaching. Taking place in Katy, Texas, the varsity cheerleaders were going to get their first “real game day experience” in front of UCA judges. Before going onto the mat, they were told by coach, Marissa Briseno, “Do your best, have fun, and leave it on the mat.” After their performance, the “Cumulative Dance”- a routine that includes the PHS fight song, band dance, and crowd engagement- the Pioneer cheerleaders waited anxiously for awards to be announced. Gathered around the center mat, the team waited patiently until finally hearing the words, “And first, in the Large Varsity Game Day category goes to…Sharyland Pioneer High School!” The team proudly accepted the first place award, and prepared for yet another competition that was soon to come.