BPA to State


Our Business Professionals of America team has quickly grown to be one of the most effective in preparing our students for life outside of high school. Through the vast amount of events offered, BPA ensures that each student is able to compete in an event that enables their strong suits. Such events include “Presentation Management” for those whom enjoy public speaking, but are not limited to academic events, such as “Accounting and Business Law”. This school year, Pioneer took various awards competing in Regionals at South Texas College, which led our members to be able to advance to state in Dallas. The competition faced at this level is stiff, yet our members were still able to come strong. This year, our Video Production Team, which includes seniors, Marc Rodriguez, Julian Perez, Osiel Garcia, and Daniel Garcia, were able to lead us to Nationals in California. The team wishes them the absolute best of luck in competing and know they will represent Sharyland Pioneer for all it has to offer.