Pioneer Cheerleading Triumphs at State!

The week returning from Christmas break, was a very nerve-wrecking one for our Cheer team. That weekend the Varsity girls traveled to Dallas, TX in order to compete at the 5A Division State Competition. Our girls were very prepared to go up against all the teams who were the best in the State, but our girls knew they had worked harder than everyone else.

With the sponsorship and coaching of Mrs. Briseno, the Cheer team was able to advance to finals, which were the top 20 teams in the State! However Pioneer knew they could do better. Thefinal performance in front of the judges the girls were told, “to leave it all on the floor.” Our seven seniors were able to lead the Varsity Cheer team to victory and the title of State Champions!

From the moment of that special announcement, the rest was a blur. Everyone was screaming their hearts out, girls were taking pictures, others were being fitted for Champion rings, and others were receiving a gold medal. Even our own Principal Mr. Heath was able to attend the event and support the girls in their triumph.

Upon arriving back home, the Varsity team was greeted by cheering parents with posters and congratulations. Pioneer High School is glad to be represented by the spirit which our Cheer team holds and the victory which they brought back for all the students to be a part of!