SPHS Media Wins “Best Film”

A group of our SPHS Media Club members entered themselves into the 12th Annual Cinesol 36 Hour Film Race. The contest runs for 36 hours straight (last weekend) as they have to write, Film, & edit a 8-10 minute short film within that time frame. The twist is that they draw the genre, dialogue line, prop, character, & location they must include in their film at the kickoff meeting at the start of the race. The elements drawn were a pregnant person, suitcase, comic book store and the dialogue line “your cooperation and patience is appreciated” into their eight-to-10-minute horror film. The character, location, prop, dialogue and genre are randomly drawn from a folder by volunteers. There were 15 Teams competing, only 4 were “under 18” teams.

Not only did they win Best Under 18 Film, but they took home the top prize of “Best Film” OF THE ENTIRE RACE!!! That means they beat all of the adult teams as well! They also received Best Actor, Best Editing, Best Make Up, & Best End Credits! I’m über proud of our SPHS Media Club Members!

The team consisted of Ximena Muniz, Dustin McKinney, George Masso, RJ Garza, Kassandra Carr, & Valeria Alva-Nino.

This was a great warm-up for the UIL Film Competition!