Senior Walk

November 4th was a delightful night for the Diamondbacks because of the stupendous victory over Roma, allowing us to to share a District Championship. However it was also very heartbreaking, as the night ended in many sorrowful tears.

The senior class of Pioneer High School ended the evening with a short but sweet walk to the center of the field at Richard Thompson Stadium with red and grey balloons in their hands. They were greeted with a tear jerking video that sent the audience into a bittersweet state of mind. The seniors sobbed as they hugged one another while watching their baby pictures consume the big screen. Parents also got together as they reminisced on earlier times with their little (but big) loved ones.

Not too long after, each senior anxiously, but eagerly, let go of their balloon and watched the colors of Pioneer flood the sky. Truly a bittersweet moment for the senior class as they came to the realization that one chapter of their life was soon going come to and end, but also keeping in mind that another one, even bigger and better, is going to begin.