Taking Back Our Home

After two devastating years of losing to our sister school team as well as one of our biggest opponents, the Diamondbacks finally took a sweet victory over the Sharyland Rattlers during one of the most intense FNL football games, making history in the RGV.

A close game it was as both teams scored back to back, ending the first half with a tie at 14-14. Each side of the stadium roared as their team ran closer to the end zone. The Rattlers kept it close by scoring a touchdown shortly after the Diamondbacks did each time in the first two quarters of this blindsiding game, making the fans anxiously bite their nails.

After coming off of big wins over teams that were previously ranked in the Top 10 in the valley, Pioneer makes way into the ranking, coming in at No. 9 for the week. We are currently 5-2 Overall and in the running for a District 31-5A title. Many players showed up to the field with their true talent and passion to bring home a victory. Christian Rivera proved to be one of those players with his intense 57-yard touchdown run along with 22 carries, providing the Diamondbacks with 12 points while our famous quarterback, Jacob Rosales, scored astonishing touchdowns himself as he ran the ball into the end zone 4 times along with completing a cut pass straight to Enrique Hurtado that made everyone jump to their feet and yell with excitement.

The amount of love and support the crowd possessed was surely felt throughout Richard Thompson Stadium. The Diamondbacks continue to show their hard work and dedication to this continually growing sport which displays just how hungry we are for a longer road of sweet victories. Way to go Diamondbacks!!