Band Making History

Our Dynamic Diamondback Band has made an astounding achievement, being the first  in Pioneer history to qualify to State for what we know as their triuphant halftime performance. The hardworking group of students spends countless hours practicing and preparing to put on a great show each week. It is apparent to each student the hard work the band puts into their amazing show; they are here bright and early every morning sacrificing their blood, sweat, and tears. Students were able to see the full show for the first time at the Homecoming Hoedown, and every person in the stand was blown away . “I always knew that our band was great, but once I was able to see their performance first hand I knew that we were the best in the Valley and are going to definitely do great at State,” Senior Diana Moreno said.

Taking great pride in their passion for music, the band will travel to San Antonio to compete once again, proving just how talented Pioneer High School is while representing the RGV. The Diamondbacks showed their support for the band Monday, November 2nd, as students saw them off as they loaded the bus. Hallways were covered with ‘Good Luck’ posters made by students that were sure to cheer up band members. We wish the band safe travels and the best of luck on these exciting days ahead of them.