Welcome back Diamondbacks!

It’s August 24th here at PHS and you know what that means! The first day of school is now here, and it’s time for reunions, new classes, and a whole new year of experiences waiting to happen. For some, we are freshmen, eager to begin this new chapter in our lives. High School awaits us, and though it is scary we can’t wait to jump into the place where the greatest moments of our lives will be lived out. Others are seniors, and we are about to embark on the last year of our childhood. Our last first day of school, our last football games, the last time we will ever have high school problems, high school responsibilities, a high school life. Whatever your situation, make it a great year. Don’t let anybody or anything hold you back! Be all you can be, do all you can do, and enjoy the new year. Come back to The Venom every once in a while for updates on all the Diamondback news that’s important to you! 189 days until graduation, make them count.