The End of the Year

This is the moment everyone has been waiting for. When the month of May comes around we’re all ready to throw our books away and get ready for summer, but not yet. As the school year comes to an end there are great things still left to come. Besides all the testing and the end of the semester exams there’s still prom and a whole month left to hang out with your friends. This is one of those moments where we either say ‘goodbye’ or we say ‘see you next year’. We’re all turning to a new chapter in our lives whether its off to college, transitioning from an underclassmen to and upperclassmen, or even becoming an incoming freshman. Every year leads to different things for the students here at Pioneer. We have to remember that we’re all Diamondbacks and should look out for each other, in school and out of school. As the school year flies by we don’t want you to forget the memories we’ve all created here. This was a great first year and everyone should be proud to call themselves Diamondbacks. Make these last weeks the best they can be and give them everything you’ve got. It’s the last stretch, 26 days and counting, enjoy every last second of the year.