Sharyland Pioneer Swimming Season

When football and volleyball are in season, it seems like everyone’s attention is on them. Well now, both of those seasons are over, and we’re long overdue to turn our attention towards one of the most physical sports around – swimming. Like all the other teams, our PHS Diamondback and Lady Diamondback swimming teams are in full swing. Their season began on 11/01/14 at the PSJA Swim Meet at Bannworth Park where our very own Autumn Chandler placed third in the Girl’s 50 Yard Freestyle event, followed by Junior Tatiana Lerma in fourth for the same event. Seniors Kiomi Romero and Lizette Regino placed 42nd and 44th respectively, which is still nothing to be ashamed of, as they still represented PHS and placed higher than more than 20 other contestants in this event. In the Boy’s 50 Yard Freestyle, swimmers Aizir Cavazos and Aaron Cavazos competed, posting times quicker than 30 seconds for the event. Swimmer Jose Perez also represented in the event. We had 3 swimmers in the Girl’s 100 Yard Freestyle event: Tatiana Lerma, Carlette Villarreal, and Kiomi Romero (19, 27, 34 respectively). Aaron Cavazos also represented our school in the Boy’s version of the 100 yard Freestyle. In the Girl’s 200 Yard Freestyle Relay, our team consisting of Autumn Chandler, Carlette Villarreal, Sydney Thomas, and Tatiana Lerma had a very strong showing, placing just one position short of podium in a respectable 4th. The boys, Tyler Vallejo, Aaron Cavazos, Aizir Cavazos, and David Benavides came in 10th for the same event. David also placed 5th in the Boy’s 100 yard Backstroke. In the Girl’s 100 yard Breastsroke, Autumn Chandler finished podium in 3rd place, while Sydney Thomas followed her in 8th, Carlette Villarreal also competed. Tyler Vallejo placed 5th in the boy’s event. Next up, in the Girls 400 Yard Freestyle Relay, we placed 8th with our team of Tatiana Lerma, Kiomi Romero, Carlette Villarreal, and Sydney Thomas. The Boys, Tyler Vallejo, Aaron Cavazos, Aizir Cavazos, and David Benavides came in 10th for the same event. Over the course of all 24 events, our Lady Diamondbacks came in 8th place with 126 points, and the boys, also in 8th with 81 points.