Snake Showdown

Maddy Guerra, Editor


Tension was clear between both student sections during the Pioneer vs. Sharyland game. Pioneer fans filled the visiting side with both students and parents. The game was something you wouldn’t want to miss; with the Pioneer student section pumping up our players with numerous posters and the Lady Rattlers giving us enough competition to rally up the Sharyland student section. The importance of the game was apparent in the large crowd and the multiple police officers and administrators that were present. Tempers were flaring by the start of the third set, when it looked like the Lady Diamondbacks would sweep the Rattlers in three. The Rattlers came back to win the third set but were stopped by our varsity, who won the fourth.

This proved that the last Pioneer vs. Sharyland game was no fluke, the last 3-2 win was improved to a 3-1 win. Pioneer has now beaten the Rattlers three times, including a non-district game that was played at the Sharyland tournament. Varsity player Bianca Garza said “it’s a great feeling beating our rival school for the third time, especially since its our first year.” She also goes on to say that “many people have doubted us but we proved them wrong, three times. We are the underdogs and couldn’t have swept them without the student section supporting us.” In the end we both come from the same roots and it is shown as each game ends with a group prayer.